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Bigtittyshady's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Hi, my name name name is...chka-chka, Big Titty Shady
Birth Date:
Oct. 5, 1982
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Everywhere;), United States
Last Broadcast:
1 week
Body Type:
T&A, and volup...
Smoke / Drink:
Body Decorations:
Two tattoos, two piercings; each ear.
About Me:

My computer has a loose charging port, I messed with it a LOT to make the connection better, but if my computer or camera cuts out, which it likely won't do and just crash, I will try to get back on when I can.
The boyfriend is a little jealous sometimes of me being on here, but he respects me enough and I respect him enough to draw a few boundaries at least :)
There are some things I really can't do on here, like too much gagging etc., as that has pulled something and irritated my old surgery site and made me not feel so good, so for my health I have to draw the lines. I will not do other unhealthy acts that can damage things internally or make me sick. Nothing gross that could lead to hurting or infecting myself, those are all no-nos. What I can do is put on a fun show, however ;) I still need more toys to do that with as I only have a few!
Send me a token to talk in PM! Let me know that you've messaged me.
Things I do not have/do:
S k y p e
A good smart phone
Number for phone sex
Nipple clamps
Children (Not a MILF, so inquiring about this type of play would require me attempting to pretend, and probably badly pretend too, lol)
A super great computer/webcam
No direct A to M, don't want an infection
No major extended gagging/deep throat, it causes damage to my throat, stomach, titanium clamps, etc. etc
$$ (my toys and tools are lacking, need to get the cash for at least one new fun thing!)
Definitely can not do anything illegal, or that goes against rules, or that is in questionable taste and possibly goes against either of those things, so don't ask, thnx!
Don't beg, be nice please! Rudeness will be ignored, but remember, sometimes being ignored can just mean there's too much going on at the moment to respond right away, or messages get lost in the shuffle.
Respect the privacy and the content of this channel, do not use or share any content, information, pictures, performances etc. without express written permission!
Work in progress here, so that is all for now:)